earning the title again

I've published not a thing on this blog since March. Life got in the way: I graduated law school, took the bar, started my first job, and got engaged. But I also let life get in the way of writing instead of integrating writing into my life. I know that writing is an integral way for me to reflect on the moment and sharpen my thinking. I like to call myself a writer, but I haven't been earning the title. It's expired.

This must change.

Today, I'm setting myself to the task of publishing something to the site every day for three months.

I've giving myself a number of exits and caveats on this daily road. After 10 days, I can quit, or continue with one "skip" a week. At the month and two month markers, I can quit.

Anything counts. I just want to show up again and again. And again.

A note to email subscribers: after this post, you'll recieve a weekly digest of posts as I do not believe my words have earned daily pride of place in your inbox (yet). You can subscribe to the digest here.

A teaser for this week: posts will include reflecting on both my greatest success and one of my greatest failures.