go through the motions

People will often tell you, "Don't just go through the motions."

They're wrong. (Sometimes.) There are some things where going through the motions can keep a ritual alive.

For example, there are days where I really don't want to sit down and meditate in the morning. I lie to myself and think, "I'll find some time to sit during the day." I won't.

However, if I negotiate myself to go through motions (take a few deep breaths, sit in an upright posture, and pay attention to my mind for just one minute) I'm better for it. Tomorrow, I'll keep the streak alive and maybe this time give myself the full session that I know that I need every morning.

This can apply to other things, too.

You might tell yourself that you can't really dive into this hairy project that you've been avoiding because you need an uninterrupted hour, a quiet morning, or a full day to really hack away at it. You're wrong. Go through the motions. Make a little progress; reduce a little bit of friction; store up a little momentum for the time where you can make a big push.

Today, what things can benefit from you going through the motions?