we keep moving and making

I listen to a lot of different types of music. I go through seasons as a listener and find myself pulled in one direction more than another. Hip hop and acoustic song-writing tend to be my mainstays, but the latter feels like more of my center than the former.

The two artists that I'm most drawn to in this genre are Alexi Murdoch and The Tallest Man on the Earth. Alexi Murdoch's music holds a special place in my heart: his song "Orange Sky" gave the name to my first blog. His quiet music has been a soundtrack for many moments in my life. The Tallest Man's music ignites me with its poetry and I turn to it often.

This past summer, The Tallest Man started recording demos of songs on YouTube. It's one of my favorite YouTube projects. (Check out its playlist.) The artist often reflects a little bit before showing the song. Even though the videos are communication meant for the public, it feels sincere and personal.

This morning, I read a Facebook post from Alexi Murdoch that he's trying to finish up a new album. He writes, "And also from all those enquiring patiently, and even impatiently, about new music...yes indeed. I am ok. I have been at sea. I haven't fallen in."

A lot is going on in the news these days. We should keep paying attention carefully to the way power moves around and exercises itself. And, we should work to protect and take care of each other. Still, we shouldn't forget that people are still moving, still making. We should, too.