the joy of quiet

I caught a bug going around my office and by Friday, I was sick enough to work from home. I've spent much of the weekend trying to nurse myself back to some degree of wellbeing with mixed success.

My throat in particular has been hurting. It's enough pain for me not use my voice at all. I communicate in hushed whispers and charades with Asha; a short phone call with my dad was a trial (but worth helping him think through a valuable piece he's working on).

There's the pain of sickness but there's also the joy of quiet. Even in the weariness of repairing myself, I still recognize the ease I feel not using my voice for just a little bit. Asha understands that I'm not trying to speak too much and there's comfort in being able to stay silent with that understanding in place.

It reminds me just a little of what it's like to go on a silent retreat. Everyone there has bought into the quiet. The shared understanding creates a special sanctuary from the noise.

I'm looking forward to returning to full health but not necessarily full voice. I'll be thinking about ways in which I can incorporate that joy of quiet into my life in an organic way. Sometimes a pause can make you roar all the more powerfully.