4 Months of Story

When I landed in San Francisco on May 16th, it had been over four months since my feet had touched American soil.  I was grateful for my journey, but looked forward to being back and seeing my family and friends.  The next morning, I woke up tired and sore but happy; the good memories had been descending upon me in waves in my sleep. A deep sleep is earned by a full life.

I never thought I would embark on such a wild journey, but decided to pack light in order to leave room for memories, which I committed myself to pursuing aggressively with curiosity as the driving force.

I reflected on how we can never give enoughwhat it means to me to travel and how I wanted to do it.  I proposed a way of looking at the good we do and tried to apply it to our work in Wardha.

I explored the art of listening (with a little success) and the importance of dissent in bringing about good ideas.  I met some amazing women changing their lives together.

I battled stomach pain for over a month, confirmed that life is about people and talked about the ones on my team.

I looked back on my peaceful time at the ashram and recommitted to staying curious after my bout with sickness.

On the academic front, I began the work on my undergraduate thesis on the idea of a universal Millennial activist identity.

After returning to the US, I doled out some gifts to family and thought about my experiences not just packing, but traveling light.

I set out months ago in search of new orange skies in my life.  Over the journey, I added many new ones to my memories.  I cannot wait for the next one.

Before I left, I watched a video that has since become one of my favorites:

I met the future.  He asked me his questions:

Is it possible to be happy with this life?

Did you enjoy your story?

I answered with a resounding yes to both.