Looking Back

Note: I’m setting the publish date of this post to August 2009 in order for it to make sense chronologically, but I’m really posting from 2014.

In my very first post on The Orange Sky, I explained what was in store for me in the summer ahead and how I decided on the blog’s name.

Next, I wrote about my first impression of Malawi: very positive.

Very quickly I dove into work at the busy hospital.

As I settled into the work, I began to use weekends for a little bit of adventure: exploring the surrounding area and making trips into the city.

Speaking of the work, I got to know lots of amazing and committed people.

As my time in Malawi came to a close, I thought about what I was bringing back not much stuff but a lot of experience.

A cornerstone to my experience in Malawi was seeing the ethic of reciprocity at work.