When I first started this experiment, I said that I would post every day, but give myself three points along the way to quit. One month in, I'm at the second point, and I've decided I'm done.

It's not that I haven't enjoyed the daily writing. Taking something from thought to post is an incredibly satisfying experience. Some of the posts in the last month were churned out in a short morning session; others went through many drafts as I tried to find my way to something worth posting.

Nor is it that I couldn't really keep up with the commitment. I missed one day (it was intentional). I found it relatively easy to keep to the schedule of regular posting once I became less afraid of posting something.

I'm stopping daily posting because I think I've earned the title again. That was the goal of the experiment in the first place: flex my writing muscles and remember what it feels like to make something. It wasn't about getting readers or getting traffic, although the last month was good on those ends. So, I'm not so much as quitting as declaring a successful experiment. The archive proves it.

I will still write and post, though the site will be quiet for at least a few months. I have a lot of writing and important projects on the docket at work, and I want to channel my energy there. Once I get some space, though, I want to dive back into writing here. I may even repeat another cycle of daily posting at some point.

I'll conclude this experiment with gratitude: thanks to those who read along and shared in the past month. Your support and comments meant a great deal and kept me coming back to the blank page. You helped me fill them.